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A tale of rapid prototyping


About CustomerJet

CustomerJet was a tool to help technical support engineers understand why a support ticket was created in the first place. We could record the user’s journey and render it as a video. This video would be attached to each support ticket. The last version of CustomerJet worked with Intercom, Zendesk and independently.

Product goal

CustomerJet helped customer support and experience teams reduce the resolution time and resolve critical conversations faster.

Marketing website for CustomerJet

Marketing website for CustomerJet

UX Solution

CustomerJet captured the user’s journey and rendered it as a video. This video would be attached to the customer conversations and this helped support teams understand why a support ticket was created. The last version of CustomerJet worked with Intercom, Zendesk and independently.

Mockups of CustomerJet UI

CustomerJet: CustomerJet was designed to be part of existing flow of support engineers

User research

We locked down the product’s direction toward support teams. Since this project was expected to get to market quickly, I conducted interviews and coffee talks with in-house support engineers. Questions would be around what’s their daily routine like and what their toolset.

Workflow of a support engineer

We mapped out a quick and simple flow diagram out of the little conversations we had with internal and few external support teams

User flows

With a decent knowledge of users and insights gathered by product team, we went ahead with whiteboarding solutions with folks from engineering team. From whiteboard solutions to I headed to drawing user flows so that we've got decent understanding of how to not disrupt support team's work flow.

User flow diagram talking about initial flow for CustomerJet

Userflow done on Sketch: Lemonade was the beta project name and later rebranded as CustomerJet

Why do a Chrome extension instead of a whole web app experience?

Session player and the recording module were extracted from our mature product, Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). This helped us resolve engineering complexity early on.

Interaction and User Interface design

Our product was designed for support teams. And top priority of support teams were to solve tickets and were measured against how many tickets are solved under specific time. For few cases, they needed technical debugging tool which provides console errors. CustomerJet was a product for these few cases.

List of all sessions in the chrome extension

Session list for a user: CustomerJet would share a list of user sessions. Each session used timestamp as the title. Support engineer could see which session had more errors to start debugging.

List of errors in a session sorted by webpages

Error in a session: Before watching a session, support engineers could take a look at errors in the session. If it seems like a known error they could reply back immediately.

Session list inside the session player

Session list in session player: We added session list in the session player for cases when support engineer has to head to next sessions while debugging

Bug list inside the session player

Bugs list in session player: Each session could have different pages therefore each error has been sorted thorugh pages within the session player

Search functionailty in the Chrome extension

Sometimes chrome extension would not load the sessions, therefore, we added a way to search for sessions by entering a Visitor ID. This ID would be attached to the ticket as a custom field.

UI Implementation

Tasks involved

  • Writing HTML over AngularJS and ReactJS
  • Styling using SASS

Lessons learned while UI development

  • Working with Chrome Extensions and Chrome browser APIs
  • Played around with AngularJS on Chrome extension and ReactJS for web app
  • Writing CSS accelerated the hand-off process

What's next?

Designing a dashboard experience for specific industry, such as e-commerce and travel. This demands for advanced features like, tagging sessions and sorting sessions with industry specifics.

CustomerJet was shutdown at end of 2017 due to, longer sales cycles and failing to prove enough value in the market.