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Building a platform to increase sales


About GrowthKit

GrowthKit is platform which helped marketers increase revenue by leveraging customer insights such as, sales per week and trending products. We started off with marketing managers at mid-sized e-commerce companies. These companies were at 1 million dollars in annual revenue. The initial tests provided an average uplift of conversion rate by 15%.

Product goals

  • Increase sales with social proof widgets
  • Core use-case should be developer independent
  • Adding widgets should be interactive experience
GrowthKit Onboarding

User persona and design challenge

Our target audience was marketing managers at mid-sized e-commerce. Top design challenge was to be intuitive, and easy to setup.

UX Solution

GrowthKit was designed as platform for the industry a marketer belongs to. One example of how this would impact the website is, the suggested widgets would differ for a travel website versus fashion website.

Another core experience was around embedding widgets on a webpage. For this we used the Editor component from our Component Library. With a little modifications we were ready to test out this new experience.

Mocks for GrowthKit UI

User research

Attended close to ~40 customer interviews and gather insights along with product owner.

Key insights from user research


We believe in getting feedback from potential users early on. Therefore, these wireframes were translated from pen and paper to mid-fidelity. This helped us with testing some of the UI elements along with the UX flow early.

Wireframes for GrowthKit

Additional customer interviews

During our wireframing the designs we had great opportunity to show the wireframe to early adopters. We conducted these tests remotely. Top questions usually would be,

Key insights from the customer interviews

Interaction and User Interface design

The interaction design for GrowthKit was influenced by our learning from Convertfly. On the similar lines, GrowthKit helped marketers set up different campaigns for increase sales at the different part of the customer journey. The majority of interaction work was around the setup and onboarding flow.

Design decision: Spliting onboarding flow into steps

I split onboarding experience into three steps than one long form which I explored in the wireframing phase. Steps makes users show progress and increase chances of finish-up form.

Wireframing solutions for onboarding
First step of onboarding; Picking your industry

Onboarding: Capturing industry as a first and then product could adapt to that industry

Second step of onboarding; Connect various integration

Onboarding: Showing upcoming integrations to create anticipation

Design decision: Adding previews inside the form

There were two solutions I looked at. First, adding preview for the product would be outside the form (most products don't show previews are not part of form) and second adding preview next to the form selection. Adding preview in the form helped with making it more connected to the form due to its close proximity to form.

Wireframing solutions for campaign details
Form for a campaign in GrowthKit

Campaigns: The form on a card gains focus while everything is flatten with grey background

Campaign detail form with next button highlighted

Campaigns: Setting expectations right; Next button has the informs what's next to come

Design decision: Categorising campaigns based on recommended page

Each campaign are recommended for a particular part of the flow (like, homepage or checkout page). A tab approach would be work out well if each tab would have 3 or more campaigns. We had 3 to 5 campaigns therefore simply tagging each campaign made sense for a smaller pool of campaigns.

Wireframing solutions for grid of all campaigns offered in GrowthKit
Campaign home with suggested campaigns

All widgets: We suggest widgets based on the industry marketer selects in onboarding flow

Campaigns home with tags highlighted

All widgets: Tags help user learn where the widget would work the best

Campaign home with preview button highlighted

All widgets: Preview helps users understand widgets without investing efforts in setting them up

What's next?

GrowthKit was not to be explored further as a separate brand. Instead this would be integrated with VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) and be part of Wingify brand. Next steps to this is,