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Simplifying messenger marketing for Shopify stores


Landing page for Convertfly

Convertfly is a Messenger marketing app built for Shopify

About Convertfly

Convertfly is a Messenger marketing app built for Shopify. Convertfly’s main target audience consisted of people who are not marketers but people selling stuff they craft (some do drop-shipping).

UX Problems

Reaching the wow was a long way

The wow moment needed users to set up tedious campaigns and wait for results. Setting up campaigns was a very open-ended experience.

Making new campaign needs many decisions

Along with long forms, there was little to no education on best practices.

Redesigning whole experience

We built the first version, we had little understanding of a typical Shopify store owner. This resulted in a product which didn’t expect their level of simplicity and ease.

Old Convertfly UI

Older experience was confusing to most of the Shopify store owners

Target Audience

People with Shopify stores and those looking for new marketing channels. Two main goals of these users would be to,

User Research

Top takeaways from the research

UX Solutions

We split design solutions into three major features

  1. Templates or default campaigns which will reduce decisions and make it easy to get started. MailChimp, OptinMonster and several other marketing tools were doing this already.
  2. Work on messaging using keywords from Shopify’s guidelines, and avoiding using words from our B2B SaaS vocabulary.
  3. Adding preview interaction for each campaign. They could see how campaign looked before they enabled it or connected their Facebook account.
Homepage of Convertfly app with simple campaigns

Homepage: Providing one-click campaigns (almost) instead of custom campaigns

Onboarding notifications that existed in Convertfly

Homepage for first time user: Onboarding notifications were right in the explore page where users could go check out campaigns and then wrap up the setup

Campaign editor for subscriber widgets

Campaign editor for subscriber widgets: We added defaults for each campaign to make it almost easy to get started with Converfly

Campaign editor for Messenger campaigns

Campaign editor for Messenger campaigns: Laid down messages left to right to match most LTR readers' expectations of sequence

Layout for Notification and campaign cards

Layout for Notification and campaign cards: This layout could accomodate most of our notifications and onboarding messages

Notification cards in Convertfly home

Notification cards: Each notification had a title, description and an icon and CTA were omitted for non-actionable messages

Behind the scenes picture of group of Sketch components

Behind the scenes: Most of the reusable elements were converted to adaptive Sketch symbols


  • We had more users turning on more campaigns. New stores turned on first campaigns in the first session itself.
  • In majority user recordings, we saw our users hitting preview before connecting their Facebook page. Preview allowed them to understand the app better and then connect if app fits in with their marketing ideas.
  • Onboarding helped onboarding users and helped with setting up campaigns right.

What's next?

  • Talk to more customers and getting feedback on the product
  • Work on adding more campaigns without making decision making complex
  • Adding more control over each campaign, for example, sending messages only during business hours